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Air Conditioning Systems

Cooling Systems

Air conditioners come in all shapes and sizes. Your indoor unit works by moving air across the indoor evaporator coil, and heat is absorbed into the refrigerant in this coil. The refrigerant is then circulated outside, where the heat is exhausted with a fan blowing across the outside condenser coil. An air conditioner doesn’t “add” cool air; it removes heat from the air.  

Split System Air Conditioners

Usually a unit sits outside – this is referred to as a condenser. The condenser has wires and copper tubes that lead inside. An air conditioning evaporator coil is located over, under or beside the indoor unit. The unit style gets the name “Split System” from the fact that the unit is split into an indoor and outdoor section.


The air conditioning condenser (outdoor portion) will normally be located on the ground beside the house or on the roof. The indoor unit and coil (air handler, furnace or heater) is usually located in a basement, crawl space, closet or attic and is connected to a duct system that circulates the air through the home.  

Package Air Conditioners

Package air conditioners are self-contained units that come pre-assembled. They sit outside the home on the ground or roof. In trying to identify this type of system, you won’t normally see copper tubes leading to the house, but you could see ductwork, or a large boxed-in area connecting the unit to the house. 

Ductless Split Systems

The ductless split system has an outside condensing unit, very similar to a regular split system air conditioner. It also has copper tubing running to an indoor unit. However, the indoor unit(s) are not ducted; they simply hang on a wall or mount in the ceiling. They are much quieter than window units, because the noisiest part of the system is outside. Another advantage to this system is the ability to have multiple indoor “blower” units, giving you air conditioning in more than one room.

Window or Wall Units

Window Units are mounted on windows. They are useful as a solution for one room but they can be noisy, inconvenient and block your view out of the window. These units are completely self-contained.

Evaporative Coolers

Evaporative coolers, or swamp coolers, use evaporation to remove heat from the air, but they do it using water. Water flows over a medium that air is pulled through, causing the water to evaporate and heat to be absorbed. These units require a very dry climate to work effectively.


Swamp coolers are normally located on the roof and can sometimes look like a split system outdoor unit, but have a water pipe feeding into them – which the others do not. A swamp cooler must be drained in winter to prevent freezing.

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